Bag Of Bones – Under My Wings (2016)

Bag Of Bones - Under My Wings (2016)
Artist: Bag Of Bones
Album: Under My Wings
Year Of Release: 2016
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Suddenly (feat. Pamela Bowman)
2. What You’r Doing to Me (feat. Pamela Bowman)
3. Lost All My Love (feat. Baatin)
4. Event Horizon (feat. Baatin)
5. I Want You to Know (feat. Pamela Bowman)
6. No Place to Go (feat. Baatin)
7. Under My Wings (feat. Baatin)
8. Lord Have Mercy (feat. Baatin)
9. Wrong Ticket (feat. Baatin)
10. The Rocket


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