Big Bertha – Live In Hamburg 1970 (2007)

Big Bertha – Live In Hamburg 1970 (2007)
Artist: Big Bertha
Album: Live In Hamburg 1970
Label: Majestic Rock
Year Of Release: 2007
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Dave’s Idiot Dance
02. The Beast
03. Ring Of Fire
04. She’s Not There
05. Munich City
06. Spoonful
07. Crossroads/The Stumble
08. Never Gonna Let My Body Touch The Ground
09. Rhapsody In Blue
10. Set Me Free


Dave Ball – Guitar & Vocals
Cozy Powell – Drums
Denny Ball – Bass Guitar & Vocals

…we arrived to play this club show, and these two German guys set up a Revox tape machine and a couple of mics at the front of the stage and asked if they could record the show. We said OK, and then won the tapes off them in a card game after the gig…! – Dave Ball (segment from an interview)

Live in Hamburg 1970 is a historical document for all the fans of Big Bertha and Cozy Powell and also for all the fans of Blues/Rock music. The sound of this live is quite rough. The reason for this fact is explained in Dave Ball’s statement above. Nevertheless Live in Hamburg 1970 is a very good live album and will satisfy every fan of Blues/Rock.

Their music sounds a little like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Their songs are very technical, full of solos and every member of the band shows us that he is (well…at least was) a virtuoso. The vocals are a little rough but this does not matter. All the magic of this live recording is in the guitar and bass solos and the outstanding drum playing.

Live in Hamburg 1970 is Cozy’s first live performance and he shows us right away what an incredible drummer he was going to be. Unfortunately he left us some years ago when his car crushed on a tree (R.I.P)…

Anyway, this re-release is a very good opportunity for all these guys that were searching for this live album to purchase it. Majestic Rock Records gave us another rarity album by re-releasing it and I think that this company is doing a very good job in this section.
I am glad that I have this live album in my hands and I think that all of you will be glad to have it your hands too

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