Bluhauz – Bluhauz (2021)

Bluhauz - Bluhauz (2021)
Artist: Bluhauz
Album: Bluhauz
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Purify My Soul (3:32)
2. What’s Going On? (3:52)
3. Does It Matter? (3:05)
4. Tell Me Baby (4:16)
5. Keep On Rolling (3:15)
6. Loving (2:39)
7. Generation Calling (4:16)
8. Easy Way Out (3:31)
9. Give It Back (3:27)
10. Celebration (3:27)
11. Know It (3:01)
12. Easy Loving (3:43)
13. Everyday (2:43)


Bluhauz is the self-titled debut album from Miami based guitarist Bluhauz. Bluhauz originally hails from Argentina and was the frontman for Stone Giant prior to launching a solo career. Over the past year, Bluhauz released multiple singles from the album and his debut was listed as one of Blues Rock Review’s most anticipated albums of 2021.

The album opens with the first single, “Purify My Soul,” which sets the tone for the album. Featuring a fuzzy guitar riff, “Purify My Soul” is a strong rocker to kick things off. Bluhauz goes reggae on the next track, “What’s Going On.” The latest single “Does It Matter?” follows and features a catchy chorus that will stick in the listener’s head complimented by Maryel Epps’ backing vocals.

Bluhauz shifts towards the blues on “Tell Me Baby” while “Keep On Rolling” is a pandemic inspired track about living in lockdown with an optimistic outlook to keep on rolling.

One of the album’s highlights is the anthem “Generation Calling” which features humming and a violin intro from Stefano Melillo. The song explodes in the chorus and should be a crowd favorite in the live setting. “Give It Back” was one of the other previously released singles and features Alexis Rodriguez laying down the groove and more of Bluhauz’s fiery guitar work. “Everyday,” also released as a single is a high energy, electric rocker that closes out the record.

Bluhauz delivers with his self-titled debut album. It’s one of the better rock releases in 2021. The album is filled with great hooks, excellent guitar, and well crafted songs. Jump on the train because Bluhauz is ready to purify your soul with fresh rock and roll.
Pete Francis

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