Dynamite Blues Band – Medicine (2019)

Dynamite Blues Band - Medicine (2019)
Artist: Dynamite Blues Band
Album: Medicine
Genre: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Eigen Beheer
Released: 2019
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Double Barrel Shotgun (00:03:16)
Medicine (00:03:20)
Take It All (00:02:47)
Messed It Up (00:04:33)
Misery Train (00:02:13)
My Baby Left Me (For a Rich Man) (00:03:48)
I Still Don’t Know (00:03:36)
Can’t Stop (00:03:15)
Pull the Trigger (00:03:34)
Schizophrenic Woman (00:03:23)
Fast Track to Nowhere (00:02:35)
This Ain’t Goodbye (00:03:04)


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