Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Bluwave Bandits – Live! Fade to Cacophony (1995)

Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Bluwave Bandits - Live! Fade to Cacophony (1995)
Artist: Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Bluwave Bandits
Album: Live! Fade to Cacophony
Label: DIW
Year Of Release: 1995
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue)

1. Supernatural
2. Skin I’m In
3. Toxic You Love
4. Khalil’s Dream
5. Trippin’
6. Rumble Suite: Rumble in the Jungle/Rock My Soul
7. Can’t Get Enough
8. Brotha’s on Mars
9. Nu Breed Kultur


Jean-Paul Bourelly – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
“Kundalini” Mark Batson Organ – Keyboards, Vocals
Alfredo Alias Drums – Vocals (bckgr)
Melvin Gibbs – Bass
Reggie Washington – Bass
Carl Bourelly – Keyboards
Roz Davis – Vocals (bckgr)
Fred Cash – Bass

Had Jimi Hendrix lived long enough to hear Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy or Ice-T, he might have sounded something like unconventional singer/rapper Jean-Paul Bourelly. Bourelly’s critics have denounced him as a mere Hendrix clone, but in truth, there are too many things that set them apart. First, Bourelly is an obvious lover of hip-hop culture, and second, Bourelly is greatly enamored of funk and isn’t as metallic as Hendrix. This interesting collection of live and studio material (some of which has a strong sociopolitical bent) shows that Bourelly is, in fact, his own man. But although not a clone, Bourelly could be a bit less obsessive in his devotion to the great rocker. He does have potential, and is someone to keep an eye on.
Alex Henderson

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