Lee Thomas Band – 40 Miles of Bad Road (2000)

Lee Thomas Band - 40 Miles of Bad Road (2000)
Artist: Lee Thomas Band
Album: 40 Miles of Bad Road
Label: Nome Zone
Year Of Release: 2000
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. Take A Little Time 04:21
02. Just Pretend 05:31
03. Pack My Bags 09:16
04. Tides Of Life 04:28
05. The Penguin 04:22
06. In Your Space 06:18
07. Jack Daniels 05:33
08. Blues For Julia 06:42
09. Lover In Every Crowd 05:58
10. Crossroads 06:56
11. Don’t Shoot Me 05:39
12. Blue To The Bone 07:18
13. Lover In Every Crowd (radio edit) 05:34


Back in the latter half of the decade known as ‘the eighties’, the Lee Thomas Band originated the form of music known as RockinBloozaBoogie. Throughout the years, the band has been subject to terrific triumphs and terrible tragedies. However, no nasty juju has yet been found that is strong enough to kill off this intrepid ensemble. The Lee Thomas Band remains to this day the definitive purveyor of RockinBloozaBoogie anywhere on the planet. The originators, and as yet unsurpassed standard bearers for this absolutely astonishing American Artform.
Stick around the site for a few. Nose around. There are many hidden nuggets hiding herein that await the intrepid explorer. Sounds. Visions. History. Hiding, yet there for the taking.

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