Long John Hunter – Border Town Legend (1996)

Long John Hunter - Border Town Legend (1996)
Artist: Long John Hunter
Album: Border Town Legend
Label: Alligator Records
Year Of Release: 1996
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01. T-Bone Intentions
02. Ice Cold
03. Ole Red
04. Marfa Lights
05. Nasty Ways
06. Grits Ain’t Groceries
07. Arkansas
08. Rooster And The Hen
09. Lone Star Shootout
10. Everybody Knows
11. John’s Funk
12. Road Hog


For many years Long John Hunter played in clubs without much attention, but that time sweating it out in roadhouses has paid off. During that time, he developed a gutsy, forceful technique that was fully evident on his belated 1993 debut, Ride With Me. Although his second album, Border Town Legend, is a slicker, more accessible effort, Hunter hasn’t lost any of his spicy, distinctive flavor. Working with a horn section, he still manages to make himself the most powerful element on the record — both his guitar playing and his heated vocals ensure that. Furthermore, Hunter’s songwriting is growing stronger. Out of the nine songs he has written or co-written for the album, he has contributed some first-rate tunes that might not stretch beyond generic conventions, but still are mighty fine.

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