Peter Muller & Friends – Pick Up Styx (2021)

Peter Muller & Friends - Pick Up Styx (2021)
Artist: Peter Muller & Friends
Album: Pick Up Styx
Label: Styx Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Pick Up Styx (Feat. Tommie Harris) (3:42)
2. Bottle Rocket (Live) (Feat. Frank Muschalle & Rusty Zinn) (5:34)
3. Papa Ain’t Salty (Feat. Bue Flagships & Rusty Zinn) (4:58)
4. Walking This Boogie (Live) (Feat. Frank Muschalle & Dani Gugolz) (2:51)
5. Let’s Start A Romance (Feat. Andreas Arlt) (3:37)
6. Barefoot Rock (Feat. Mojo Blues Band) (3:55)
7. Munson Street Breakdown (Feat. Andi Sobczyk) (3:10)
8. Don’t Think It’s Over (Feat. Peter Kern) (3:34)
9. Darktown Strutters Ball (Feat. Denise Gordon) (4:59)
10. Rollin’ And Squeezin’ (Feat. Mojo Blues Band & Axel Zwingenberger) (2:23)
11. I’m Leaving Now (Feat. Martina Kucera) (2:43)
12. Come To Me Woman (Feat. Steve Guyger) (4:08)
13. That Saxy Felling (Feat. Tom Muller) (2:19)
14. Born To Sing (Feat. Peter Kern & Wolfgang Poll) (3:55)
15. Last Time Around (Feat. Mojo Blues Band & A.C. Reed) (3:57)
16. Pennies From Heaven (Feat. Swinging Ladies DeLuxe) (1:56)
17. Nails In My Coffin (Feat. Herby Dunkel & Herwig Mitteregger) (4:22)
18. Slinky (Feat. Jeremy Spencer) (3:19)
19. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Feat. Gorilla Gang) (3:22)
20. Blasengerl (Feat. Martin Pattart) (4:22)


In a band, the rhythm section is undoubtedly the backbone of the musical event and the archaic need to move to the sound of a drum is probably one of the most fundamental characteristics that make us humans.

Even if it is mostly the front musicians who initially enjoy the listener’s attention, it is the special magic of a “groovy” drum beat that unconsciously and naturally casts a spell over people.

The passionate musician Peter Müllerhas internalized this magic wonderfully in the course of his career and he has managed to establish himself as one of the most sought-after drummers in a wide variety of genres. Anyone who has the opportunity to make music with him knows his qualities and, as his friend, I would also like to emphasize the human side.

With this very personally designed CD he gives us his musical calling card and takes us on an impressive journey through various stations of his exciting career with the help of selected flashlights. Enjoy!
Erik Trauner

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