Rachael King – The Fires In My Head (2021)

Rachael King - The Fires In My Head (2021)
Artist: Rachael King
Album: The Fires In My Head
Label: Five Dollars Shake Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. See Where I’m Going With This (4:28)
2. Runaway Train (3:50)
3. The Big Blue (3:50)
4. Where Am I? (3:58)
5. Where Am I? (3:58)
6. Changes (3:38)
7. My Life (4:01)
8. Bouncing Back (2:50)
9. Show Don’t Tell (3:07)
10. Ghost Road (3:44)
11. Strong Enough (3:41)
12. Who Am I To Argue (3:21)


British singer-songwriter Rachael King releases her spell-binding new album, ‘The Fires In My Head’. A highly personal record, this LP takes King’s listeners through themes of pain, emotion, and delving into the past. Unapologetic, King writes her music about past experiences, using it as an outlet to present her emotions in an inventive and artistic way. King’s offering is incredibly well crafted, and is a great example of her musical talents.

“I was running away from so much pain, but I was also running towards something, and I knew I had to write about those experiences.”

Echoing the raw beauty of early Amy Winehouse, Macy Gray, Celeste or Rachael’s own childhood inspiration Hazel O’Connor, married with a forceful personality that is more Jack Monroe than Marilyn Monroe, ‘The Fires In My Head’ is a remarkable debut. This LP draws from Rachael’s difficult past, including years living on and off the streets as a teenager, heroin and crack addiction, battling mental health issues and an eventual prison sentence.

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