Tas Cru – Broke Down Busted Up (2021)

Tas Cru - Broke Down Busted Up (2021)
Artist: Tas Cru
Album: Broke Down Busted Up
Label: Subcat Records
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

1. Where Do We Go (4:19)
2. Broke Down Busted Up (4:17)
3. Turn On The Light (4:18)
4. River Of Insanity (4:27)
5. Be My Strength (3:31)
6. All Stays The Same (5:26)
7. You’re He Real Deal (4:16)
8. Stay Home Blues (3:47)
9. So Damn Hard To Like (4:18)
10. Henry (3:47)
11. Write Me My Own (3:48)


With Broke Down Busted Up singer-songwriter, Tas Cru goes further to solidify his reputation as a blues eclectic who refuses to let his music be bound to any one sound and style. On the opening title cut listeners are greeted by pleading and urgent fiddle strains courtesy of the spirited Anne Harris. This alone tells those familiar with his previous works that on Broke Down Busted Up, Tas is once again going to be breaking fresh, new ground.

Tas calls it his “quasi-acoustic” album as it features mostly acoutic instruments and seeks an earthy and relaxed roots-music vibe. &hat’s new here on Broke Down Busted Up foremost is the fiddle- a great fit for the aforementioned sought-after vibe. So too, is the standup bass that is featured on several tracks. There is mountain dulcimer on one track as well. The beautiful sound of the grand piano, the trademark rich backing vocals, tasteful drumming and subtle percussion that are all a part of Tas recent recordings are staples that remain. And of course, there is the guitar work acoustic and resonator.

Breaking it down and busting it up leaves intact only what matters most. And that’s what Tas has done with this album.

The writing and performance aim for the goal that the music might be felt before it is heard and the lyrics awaken imagination ahead of thought. These songs have been Tas’ close companions through the dark times that the whole world has lived through, and too many have suffered and even died from. They have lighted his way along the twisted path of emotions that Tas and most of us have all felt recently. All these feelings – fear, despair, perseverance and now, finally, HOPE are the essence of these songs.

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