The Bluesanovas – Bluesanova (2018)

The Bluesanovas - Bluesanova (2018)
Artist: The Bluesanovas
Album: Bluesanova
Label: Timezone Records
Year Of Release: 2018
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Daphne Blue (3:00)
2. Rock’n’roll Music (2:38)
3. Red Headed Woman (4:08)
4. Funky Woman (4:22)
5. Baby I’m Gone (3:14)
6. Come On In This House (6:03)
7. Knee Ko (3:42)
8. Scandalize My Name (4:35)
9. Born In Chicago (Live) (4:39)


Filipe Henrique – Guitar/Vocals
Philip Heermann – Harmonica/Vocals
Nico Dreier – Piano/HammondOrgan
Nikolas Karolewicz – Bass
Philipp Dreier – Drums

The debut album of The Bluesanovas is a top album. Blues drenched in traditional Chicago blues from the fifties with a dose of West Coast and Texas blues added.

Great class and that when you consider that all these guests are about the age of twenty-five. No, big experience sounds through this and that is not surprising. Already at a young age these men were taken to the Münster and Osnabrücker blues scene where musicians like Tom Vieth, Kai Strauss, Tommy Schneller, Jimmy Reiter, Memo Gonzales, Christian Rannenberg, Christian Bleiming and Todor Todorovich gave young blues musicians plenty of experience to do.
Nico Dreier, the keyboardist of the band is now also part of the Jimmy Reiter Band and regularly plays together with Kai Strauss. In the meantime, as a member of the band of Jimmy Reiter, he is allowed to add a German Blues Award to his name. The Jimmy Reiter Band won this prize in 2017. Nico’s twin brother Philipp Dreier is the percussionist of the band, both of whom care about 20 minutes in age. Together with the contra bass and bass guitar playing Nikolas Karolewicz he forms the solid foundation of the band.
These men lay down a carpet on which it is easy to play for singer guitarist Filipe de la Torre and vocalist harmonica player Philip ‘Ralf’ Heermann. These two men also gained extensive experience in the aforementioned blues scene where she learned the tricks of the trade.

Meanwhile, their first release is on Timezone Records. The band kicks off with the instrumentally played Daphne Blue, a song of their own in which the West side Chicago blues sound of Otis Rush and Magic Sam shoots through your thoughts and when Philip Heermann takes his solo, I think back to the work of Sam Meijer and Anson Funderburgh. The tone is set, great. The next track Rock’n’Roll Music has a lot of speed, partly because of the beautiful play by Nico Dreier on the black and white ivory keys. With the languid shuffle Red Headed Woman, in which Heermann chooses a wonderful acoustic harp game, the band switches to the sound of the fifties Chicago blues, and then with a raw oversteer on the harp to give color to the funky fifties rhythm and blues performance of Funky Woman, in which the organ plays a decisive role.
Baby I’m Gone swings like a four-year train. Time for the first cover, Junior Wells Come On In This House with striking acoustic harp playing and a great piano part and also in terms of vocals it is all right with this group is evident from the timing. With Knee On the case takes a different turn, but certainly no less than the foregoing. Nico Dreier and Filipe de la Torre seem to be in the shoes of Jimmy Smith and Grant Green on this track and thus offer us a second instrumental and delicious jazzy song. But with the same ease Filipe de la Torre turns T-Bone Walker type licks out of his guitar, which makes Scandalize My Name sound authentic again. With the non-professionally recorded live track Born In Chicago (Nick Gravenites) the band proves to be able to live well and convince live.

When these men keep their heads together, this band is a promise for the future and they will only continue to develop. A very strong debut !!

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